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Divorce mediation in Marietta, GA

Mediation is ... a process whereby people negotiate an agreement together with a professional, registered mediator. This is usually accomplished in one or two sessions of 2-4 hours each, with both parties meeting with the mediator in a conference room. This produces a Memorandum of Understanding. This document that the parties generate will cover all the issues that needed to be resolved.

Mediation is usually a calm, pleasant experience where everyone has a chance to state his/her needs and propose possible solutions to the issues at hand.

Private mediations are not court connected. The families select a mediator and work in a private location, usually the mediator's office. They may come with or without an attorney. Agreements made are not legally binding until they go through the court system.

Court assigned mediations - are not as private and you relinquish some of your control over the selection of a mediator. Agreements signed during a court-assigned mediation are binding upon signature in some counties in Georgia. Some counties allow a three day waiting period in which to make changes. You should check with the county in which you are filing for their rules.
If you do not have an attorney or do not choose to retain an attorney to complete the legal process, you can file directly with the court. This is called "pro se" or representing yourself. Again, call the Superior Court Clerk in the county in which you live for directions on how to do that.

What is the next step after mediation?

What is the next step after mediation? After reaching an agreement with one of the mediators at Above & Beyond Conflict, we will direct you to the next step. We maintain a list of attorneys, who will, for an additional charge, file the paperwork and carry your divorce through to a conclusion with the judge.

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