Make Sense of a Complicated Situation

Elder mediation in Marietta, GA

As family members age, health issues necessitate a discussion about their living arrangements and care. Often, there are multiple family members involved in these discussions and they do not always agree on the solutions. It is common to feel some intense emotion when talking about the needs of your parents. These are not always easy to put into words nor is it easy to make your emotional desire fit with the practical realistic situation.

It is prudent to consider mediation so that there is a neutral party to guide and moderate the discussions. A mediator will assist all those involved in being heard by other family members and guide the family toward solutions. Mediations are structured so everyone has a chance to express an opinion but the discussion does not dissolve into old, destructive communication patterns. Mediators are trained to keep the discussion on track and focused on exploring possible solutions.

Above & Beyond Conflict is a company with skilled, experienced family mediators who are sensitive to family dynamics. We follow the ethical guidelines for elder mediation set forth by the Association for Conflict Resolution, and we respect the involvement of the elder in planning his/her own future to the extent of his/her capabilities.

Typical elder-related issues

  • Wills and trusts
  • Planning care for an elder
  • Financial issues: selecting a person to control the money, how to plan if there is not enough money to provide care
  • Considering an advocate for an elder
  • Dealing with suspected elder abuse by a family member or care facility
  • Concerns about level of care with nursing home or in-home caregiver
  • Division of caretaking duties among family members
  • Longstanding conflicts within the family
  • Grandparents caring for grandchildren
  • Transfers of business and family assets
  • End of life decisions

Call or email us. We will be happy to discuss your needs and concerns with you. We will discuss our fees and guide you in the best way to encourage all family members to agree to the mediation process.

Move beyond your elder conflicts

It is always better to resolve family matters out of court. Everyone feels calmer, more empowered and part of the solution. Here are some of the problematic situations that have been successfully addressed in mediation:

  • Coordinating eldercare
  • Addressing poor communication between family members
  • Financial abuse of the elder
  • Elder with diminished capacity
  • Family members with addiction or mental health problems
  • Family members who are poor or unemployed
  • Elders with a historically troubled relationship with their children
  • Cultural beliefs and customs about ageing