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Family mediation in Marietta, GA

Mediation is an opportunity to build a custom plan for the future of your family. You know your children and how your family works together. Your plan, established in mediation, can address specific customs and needs that are unique to your family, especially your children.

During mediation parents will establish a plan for spending time with the child(ren) and explore a new co-parenting relationship with each other. The parenting plan will indicate how decisions regarding the children will be made in the future and how the hopes and dreams for your child(ren) can be accomplished as the family restructures.

Support for the child(ren) will be determined according the the Georgia Child Support Guidelines. Responsibility for debts and division of assets will be discussed in mediation and decided upon by the participants.

The mediator guides the discussion and insures that all issues are discussed but does not provide financial or legal advice.

Above and Beyond Conflict mediators have many years of family mediation experience

and believe that mediation participants have answers and solutions within themselves. Mediation is a safe place to bring issues and challenges and present ideas for the future of the family.

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Mediation is effective for:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Change of custody and support
  • Legitimization
  • Step Parent Issues
  • Open adoption
  • Home-sharing considerations
  • Issues arising from the remarriage of one or both parents