Building A Parenting Plan

The children are a main concern for divorcing parents. How will they continue to parent effectively? Can they restructure their relationship so children can continue to have the benefit of being part of a family? Will each parent be able to share the children’s lives in a way that is satisfying and gratifying to both the parents and the children? These are some of the questions that keep parents from sleeping soundly.

Mediation is an opportunity for parents to build a custom plan for the future,

for their children and for themselves. A parenting plan, required by courts in Georgia, indicates where each child will be everyday of the year. Parents can structure the plan to the needs of the children. Families have unique internal customs and traditions that work for them. The plan allows the parents to incorporate their ways of life into the children’s future.

If the parents cannot agree on a parenting plan for their children, a judge will give them a plan “off the rack”. That plan might fit; it might not fit. Judges take their jobs very seriously but they don’t know your children or your family. A plan that parents make will fit the lifestyle of the family. 

In mediation, the parents will thoughtfully build the custom plan. They will think about their common goals as parents and their hopes for their children. The plan will evolve as the children grow and the parents will look at the direction they want their children’s lives to take. The mediator will guide the process and keep the parents focused on the children and the future. A custom plan will preserve the family for the children.