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Building A Parenting Plan

The children are a main concern for divorcing parents. How will they continue to parent effectively? Can they restructure their relationship so children can continue to have the benefit of being part of a family? Will each parent be able to share the children’s lives in a way that is satisfying and gratifying to both

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The Gray Divorce

Sadly, the divorce rate for couples over 50 is increasing.   In 2010, one out of every four divorces involved couples over 50 years of age. The reasons for older couples parting are as numerous and varied as the number of divorces. A few common reasons stated are: growing apart, the feeling of excitement is gone,

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Humble Beginnings – How and Why We Started

The vision of Above and Beyond Conflict is to preserve families one mediation at a time. Preserving the family involves a mediation agreement between divorcing parents to co-parent their children in a loving, nurturing environment even though the marriage has ended. Preserving the family involves a mediated plan for the future of an elderly or

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